Bitumen Removal

Dry ice blasting is the safest and most effective solution in removing bitumen and heavy oil from facility components. Dry ice blasting easily cleans module components including structural steel, cable trays, piping (insulated or painted), valves, insulation blankets, hand rails, walkways, grating and more.

More thorough clean: In the event of a bitumen spill or release, dry ice blasting can safely restore your structure, buildings and equipment to a “like-new” condition while traditional methods such as steaming and hand scrubbing often leave behind unsightly stains.

Environmental benefits: The last thing anyone needs after a spill is adding more to the spill. Trying to contain and collect the added chemical and water is very difficult using traditional methods. With dry ice blasting, there are no secondary waste streams due to the sublimation of dry ice upon contact. Dry ice blasting does not add to the mess and Brothers uses innovative techniques to ensure that the removed bitumen is recovered.

Worker safety: Dry ice blasting is far more effective with less manpower. There are also fewer risks involved due to reducing the use and disposal of harmful chemicals and solvents. Dry ice blasting is also safe around electrical equipment as it is a dry process

Dry ice blasting reduces costs – more thorough clean, less clean-up, and on-line maintenance. Dry ice particles are non-abrasive and will not damage equipment. As you can see from the videos, dry ice blasting can return equipment to “new new condition”. These results can be achieved with fewer workers and in less time.