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Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Improved Worker Safety

Eliminates the use and disposal of harmful chemicals and hazardous solvents.

Cost Reduction

More thorough clean! With a low temperature of -79 degrees C, solid CO2 (dry ice) has an inherent thermal energy ready to be tapped. The cold temperature of the dry ice pellets hitting the contaminant creates a micro-thermal shock between the contaminant and the substrate. As the solid CO2 converts to a gas, the gas expands rapidly under the contaminant surface.

Sometimes the "clean-up" from your current cleaning method can be worse than the problem itself. With dry ice blasting there is no secondary waste, which saves time and money. Dry ice does the job and then disappears.

Because dry ice blasting systems provide on-line maintenance capabilities for production equipment (online cleaning), time consuming and expensive de-tooling procedures are kept to a minimum which reduces downtime. With an Alberta oilfield background, we are well aware that time is money. With high quality service a main contributor to our success, you are sure to find our 24-hour service second to none, at your convenience.

Will NOT Damage Equipment

Unlike sand, walnut shells, plastic beads and other abrasive grit media, dry ice particles are non-abrasive. Cleaning with dry ice will not wear tooling, texture surfaces, open tolerances, or damage bearings or machinery. In addition, on-line cleaning eliminates the danger of equipment being damaged during handling from process to cleaning area and back.

A Dry Process

Unlike steam or water blasting, dry ice blasting will not damage electrical wiring, controls, or switches. Dry ice (frozen CO2) is transformed from a solid phase directly to a gas, eliminating the liquid phase and all associated problems. Rust formation after cleaning is far less likely with dry ice blasting.

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Key Applications for Our Advanced Dry Ice Blasting Systems

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